Discover Warrensburg Gateway to the Adirondacks

A historic community with a year-round way of life!

The outline of the town of Warrensburg, between  Hudson River at right and Schroon River at right.

Warrensburg is in great shape, from its northern border with Chestertown to the towns of Lake George and Lake Luzerne to the south. Across the Hudson on the west is Thurman and across the Schroon on the east is Bolton. (The Schroon bisects the town at its narrowest point, and that's where the hamlet is located.)

Fishing in the Schroon River with The Grist Mill Restaurant in the background.

Visit for an afternoon or stay for a lifetime!

Bordered by two rivers, the Hudson and the Schroon, and surrounded by soft mountains with easy trails and distant views, Warrensburg is in the Adirondack Park yet just off the Interstate.

Explore Our Resources

Warrensburgh Historical Society

a branch of the Woodwrd family, early warrensburg settlers

Discovering, protecting and publicizing the history of a small town, its industry, people and culture is our mission. Involving the people who continue to make that history, through recollection, dialogue, play and education is our method. We have fun playing croquet and visiting ghosts from our past!

Museum of Local History

From Glacial to Global - the progress of a thriving year-round community from the birth of the nation to today. The story is told with an outpouring of photographs, documents, apparel and artifacts from its proud citizens, who want to share the memory of their struggle to survive and achieve. 

Chamber of Commerce

view of historic Floyd Bennett bandstand

 Since 1921 the mission of the Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce  has been to promote the civic and commercial progress of the area. We strive to strengthen the local economy, be the voice of business,  and promote Warrensburg as a premier community for businesses & residents. 

Health Services

Hudson Headwaters Health Network Warrensburg site

Hudson Headwaters Health Network includes most day-to-day health care needs including x-ray and dental services.

Emergency Medical Services stand at the ready to treat and transport.

Town Government

Emerson Town hall on Main Street

Town Hall houses offices for Supervisor, Town Clerk, Assessor, Planning Department and Justice department. The Town Board consists of the  supervisor and four council members, serving four-year terms. 

Warrensburg Central School

The Warrensburg Public School system has been providing an excellent education since 1888. This c.1942 building now serves as the elementary school, with the Junior/Senior High school students in a new building, built in 1992.